Cranium Rats on the Net

Cranium Rats on the Net


This thread is the first place where I've discussed Cranium Rats, beyond wild and random brainstorming. All Cranium Rats updates and random musings should be able to be found here.

This thread is held on RPG.Net.


The Design Log for Cranium Rats. Where I list changes, what brought them on and the creative process of creating the game.

This thread is held on Story-Games.


Another thread, this one is held on The Forge. Covering the basic feel and goals of the game and looking for input.


This thread Discusses the Token Economy of the game, its reasonings and assumptions of what it'll result in.

Hosted on The Forge.


This thread is a sister thread to the Token Economy thread, it discusses Dice Economy, "Sweet in the middle", "Pool refreshment" and the reasons behind them. Also suggests rules changes from current version.

Hosted on The Forge.


A thread in Hebrew about me pimping my game, text may be added and questions fielded and answered as time progresses.

Hosted on IGOR, Israeli Gaming Organisation's Forum.


Dotan Dimet's Review/Critique of Cranium Rats on Live Journal, and My long reply, also on Live Journal.

As a result of the above I posted this thread on The Forge, asking for opinions on some yet undecided factors of the game.


A thread regarding Codification of Session Length, and tying it down mechanically, issue doesn't pertain only to Cranium Rats, but used it as an example and gained Acts from it. Hosted on The Forge.


Cranium Rats's First Playtest thread, hosted on The Forge. Playtest log can be found here. Additional post-playtest discussion can be seen in this log.


John Kirk had posted a thread discussing Cranium Rats's Design Patterns Analysis on The Forge, much interesting information to be considered!


A thread regarding Flags and 'Tunnels' issue doesn't pertain only to Cranium Rats, but used it as an example. Hosted on The Forge.


A thread regarding The 'other view' on Cranium Rats, spurred by Itamar Parann's review of Cranium Rats, hosted on The Forge.


Cranium Rats's Meta-Chanics, hosted on my CSI Games Blog.


Cranium Rats's Second Playtest thread, hosted on the Forge. Playtest log and following discussion can be found here.


Neko Ewen talks about Cranium Rats' character generation and authorital tone in this blog post of his.


The Scene that Wasn't, a scene I wished to incorporate into our playtest session, but the group ran apart before I had a chance. Shows everything that is awesome and everything that doesn't work about Cranium Rats. On Game Craft.


Cleaving the Beast in Twain is a discusion on Game Craft, about seperating Cranium Rats into two games, one is the head game, and the other, mostly absent, will be the Guy Ritchie/Pulp Fiction movie, with violence and story as mechanically present forces.


Chad Underkoffler takes a harsh look at the Cranium Rats text. Discussion is very useful and revolves mostly around text and the ability to comprehend it, or lack thereof when it comes to Cranium Rats. Also discussing the ability to see how the game plays from the text. Thread is hosted on Story Games.