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Cranium Rats


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Get the newest version Here: Cranium Rats Beta 3.0.pdf


04/08/2007 Juiced Rider, Memory Mecha. My latest creation is at Version alpha 1.2.2, Juiced Rider Alpha 1.2.2.zip

Ewen Cluney re-organized the text slightly, his version is available here: Juiced Rider Ewen's Revision.pdf. Note, Ewen's version lacks Washing the Tears, which is detailed here

27/02/2007 Brand New, Troll Lands Alpha! My latest design. Troll Lands.pdf

Semi-new, my two page technological horror game, Mechanical Primum Mobile.pdf.

not so new, the Slime and Octopi Board game! Slime Octopi and Coral.pdf




This is a site dedicated mainly to Cranium Rats, an RPG I'm working on, secondary projects will always get aired here.

Cranium Rats is a game in which players portray one of three Aspects that make up a character's personallity, and control it. The characters(whom no one plays directly) strive to reach Enlightenment but they have been pushed out of balance during the beginning moment of play by the Aspects. The Aspects want to gain control over the character, and are opposed by the other Aspects who also want this very same goal.

Gameplay is designed to be competitive and cutthroat in nature, and had been influenced largly by Card and Board games.



This is where you can view the different versions of Cranium Rats, as well as download the newest one.


Cranium Rats on the Net

Here you can find the various threads and sites discussing Cranium Rats and its design. More will be added as new threads are created.


To-Do List

This is my general To-Do List, not all of it refers to material regarding the game, but most of it does in some way relate. Give it a look to know what's up on my plate, and since when.


Other Games and Gaming Issues:

Random Game Ideas

This is where general game ideas, bits of mechanics, settings or just random musing and questions without answers will be posted for perusal, and for use as an archive till the time is reached when a project graduates to its own page.


Slime Octopi and Coral

Used to be an idea in the Random Game Ideas section, but graduated. Take Cranium Rats, take the Board game feel a notch up(!) and this is what you'll get, once you cross it with H.P. Lovecraft. "Elder" Gods in a contest to take control of Humanity and Earth!

Currently still half-baked. Joint project with Eric Bennett.


Contact Me


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