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Slime Octopi and Coral

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Slime Octopi and Coral


30/06/2006: Now available as a board game, not a very good one. Get here! Slime Octopi and Coral.pdf


Slime Octopi and Coral's first thread on The Forge. This thread also includes the Power 19 for the game.


There is now also a Power 19 thread on Story Games.


New thread on The Forge, regarding SOaC's nature. Is it an RPG, a board-game, what it gains and loses from each definition.


Session 1


01:05 DeusMetatron: Slime, Ocotopus, and Coral.

01:06 tundra no caps: Now here's a name.

01:06 tundra no caps: Slime Octopis and Coral.

01:07 DeusMetatron: *taps his chin* Ooh, vs. mode! Six player enlightenment!

01:07 tundra no caps: Heh.

01:07 tundra no caps: Octopi, no "s".

01:08 DeusMetatron: Rat, Dirt, Water. Rat is singular.

01:08 tundra no caps: There's one Coral glinting in the darkness, the eternal darkness. It is called "Earth", you are racing the other Octopi, "Elder Gods" in common parlance, for domination of this Coral, this storm-stopping Coral.

01:08 tundra no caps: I corrected myself, I said "Slime octopis".

01:09 DeusMetatron: Aha. Sorry.

01:09 tundra no caps: Now that's a cool game setup.

01:09 DeusMetatron: *nods* I like it. Broad scope...oh hells yes. I'm writing the first supplement for CR.

01:09 tundra no caps: Heh.

01:10 tundra no caps: But this will use the same basic system, no controlling people, ETC.

01:10 tundra no caps: Meaning, you'll be the first besides me to use the CSI System! :D

01:10 DeusMetatron: *nods* Three different Elder Gods...manipulating history..I like it.

01:11 tundra no caps: Heh.

01:12 tundra no caps: Actually, this one could probably have an unlimited amount of players.

01:12 tundra no caps: No GM is also possible, if there is a GM, he's either playing The World, The Darkness or The Dark World.




Session 2


21:33 tundra no caps: The "Enlightened" in Slime Octopi and Coral? We'll call him Mr. H.

21:34 DeusMetatron: *laughs!*

21:34 tundra no caps: H for History, Humanity, Hystery, H.P. Lovecraft :)

21:34 DeusMetatron: Hystery?

21:34 tundra no caps: It's Lovecraft, Hystery.

21:34 DeusMetatron: You mean Hysteria?

21:35 tundra no caps: Yes.

21:35 tundra no caps: Sorry.

21:35 tundra no caps: I thought of this in the army, then immediately forgot what it was I wanted to write down, now had neuron reconnection and lift-off.

21:35 tundra no caps: Do you approve of "Mr. H"? :P

21:36 DeusMetatron: *chuckles* Very much.

21:36 DeusMetatron: Especially the Hysteria angle. ;-) This should be a very over the top game...recommened reading to include E. E. Smith's space battle sequences.

21:37 DeusMetatron: Mostly for such wonderful bs as alien ships warping into a human-human fight and start melting down all the iron to power their technology.

21:37 tundra no caps: I don't know E. E. Smith, but I already have some ideas for the game, heh.

21:37 tundra no caps: Besides, that sounds like endgame, have to begin with the time before Humanity as Turn 0, when Humanity emerges being Turn 1.

21:38 tundra no caps: And then each Turn is an epoch.

21:38 tundra no caps: You say where you manipulate Humanity and how.

21:38 tundra no caps: At the end of each turn Mr. H tells you what happens, and a new round of jockeying and manipulation begins.

21:39 tundra no caps: :)

21:39 DeusMetatron: What is the endgame condition? The game should probably have a set of "Milestones" that can be introduced, to pace things.

21:40 tundra no caps: Bronze Age, Ice Age, etc.

21:41 tundra no caps: With Space Age marking the beginning of Endgame.

21:41 tundra no caps: Where Humanity clashes directly with its manipulators, who have to stop their manipulations and take direct stance!

21:41 DeusMetatron: *grins* I like, I like.

21:42 DeusMetatron: However...is there anyone advocating for Humanity at the table, other than Mr. H? Or is that the entirety of his role, rather than being the primary GM figure?

21:43 tundra no caps: He adjudicates rules and advocates Humanity.

21:43 DeusMetatron: *nods* That is what I thought, but I was just checking.

21:43 tundra no caps: In a way, imagine Cranium Rats, but with one Character, and all Aspects being almost the same.

21:43 DeusMetatron: Hmm...creating your Alien God should be a big part of this. A place for the players to go wild, insane, and excessive.

21:43 tundra no caps: But the difference is that of ideology they CHOSE, "PCs" will be modeled after several of the Elder Gods.

21:44 tundra no caps: Well, I'm unsure if there'll be unlimited choice, we'll see.

21:44 DeusMetatron: I think there should be guidelines, but that giving the players the option, at the very least, of a DIY Great Old One would be best.

21:45 tundra no caps: ::Nods::

21:45 tundra no caps: I just thought the same.

21:45 tundra no caps: PC Creation will probably be done by questions. Since the most important bits will be their ideology.

21:45 DeusMetatron: *nods* Cool. Ideology is their "goal", then? What they are shaping the world towards. Oh! Form defined by function. They should be symbolic.

21:46 tundra no caps: I'll have a pool of 5 words, about 3 pools of 5 words, From each pool each player picks 1 Word, and the words answer a question, all words are conflicting.

21:46 tundra no caps: Leading to choice, albeit limited, constrained to result in rivalry.

21:46 DeusMetatron: Aha! One of the things that the Mad Gods do is create servitors. The Slime player advocates for the creations of the Great Old Ones.

21:46 DeusMetatron: 15 words, weighted right, would give a lot of choice.

21:47 tundra no caps: We'll see, I'm not so sure. Perhaps they want to shape Humanity into the right form of Servitor Race.

21:47 tundra no caps: Not 15 words.

21:47 tundra no caps: 3 groups of 5 words.

21:47 DeusMetatron: 3x5=15, however you group then. Division of words into those groups is based on...?

21:47 tundra no caps: 3 groups, meaning, for first group, P1 picks 1/5, P2 picks 1/4 and Player 3 picks 1 of 3 words that are left.

21:48 DeusMetatron: *nods* Gotcha. Nonetheless, that is a lot of customization.

21:48 tundra no caps: Like, "What is your view on Humanity's Place?" Now we pick 5 words which will base the God's answer.

21:48 DeusMetatron: So each God is defined by three questions?

21:49 tundra no caps: That is the beginning and most important part, yes. Perhaps more questions, but 3 seems a good solid number to begin with.

21:50 DeusMetatron: *thinks* Mechanical benefit of words would be simply a statement of goal, or...?

21:51 tundra no caps: I thought of it, unsure now, maybe connect each word to a mechanical aspect raised/lowered. But there may be none. This game is about the players using their Stats, which may be decided on the Form level, and not the Function level(that'll be the Questions) which provide the direction of the challenge, rather than the how.

21:52 DeusMetatron: I imagined so. Otherwise you would be loading too much information onto the questions.

21:52 DeusMetatron: I still like the idea of a Slime player portraying the races manipulated by the Old Ones.

21:53 tundra no caps: Heh.

21:53 tundra no caps: We'll see.

21:53 tundra no caps: I think it fits better with the general theme.

21:53 tundra no caps: You say what you do to them.

21:53 tundra no caps: Mr. H says what they do/result.

21:53 DeusMetatron: Well, it works well with...aha!

21:54 tundra no caps: Like an Old Skool RPG. You do something, the GM feeds you information back, then you go from your new position.

21:54 DeusMetatron: Humans arise from one of the races that the Gods bring with them to the Earth.

21:54 tundra no caps: Just like Dungeon Delving.

21:54 DeusMetatron: This gives the God that they originated from a temporary advantage in the early game, but will penalize their endgame.

21:55 tundra no caps: Hm.

21:55 tundra no caps: Here's a better idea, if I may say so.

21:55 tundra no caps: The Slime Octopi brought Humanity.

21:56 tundra no caps: Then, being made of Slime, Sentient Slime, it seperated into 3 entities, Elder God entities, that want different things, and now Humanity is of all three, and of neither.

21:56 DeusMetatron: Hmm. I like the idea, but...mankind should be an accident or an offshoot. In Lovecraft, they are an industrial byproduct that comes back to bite the Elder Gods on the ass over the years.

21:57 tundra no caps: It was Slime, all of life originated from the viscus and almost Deific Slime.

21:57 tundra no caps: Don't worry, we can sort that out, and you know what? Fuck Lovecraft.

21:57 tundra no caps: We're riffing off Lovecraft, not aping him.

21:57 DeusMetatron: Ehhh...I think past history should be involved. Turn 0 you narrate who you are and why you come to Earth.

21:57 tundra no caps: We're not going to worry over Elder God, Alien God, Outside God, Servitor God and such terms, about the different writers.

21:58 tundra no caps: Just write something INSPIRED by.

21:58 DeusMetatron: (Riff is fine. But making humanity directly created is a major change to the aesthetic.)

21:58 tundra no caps: That was what I intended for Rule 0.

21:58 tundra no caps: I'm not sure most people will care, and it gives a more powerful thing.

21:58 tundra no caps: Think of it like this, Slime seperated into 4 entities.

21:59 tundra no caps: 3 Slime Octopi and Humanity, and Mr. H ;)

22:00 DeusMetatron: *is somewhat distracted screwing around with the government at the moment* Gotcha. I think that requires the Gods to be too similar.

22:01 tundra no caps: Not at all.

22:01 tundra no caps: They seperated because they were too different and could not contain one body no more.

22:01 DeusMetatron: Why were they in one body in the first place?

22:03 DeusMetatron: Hmm...howabout this. The Slime Octopi is something of a "travelling form". Landing on Earth, a piece of each God broke off when they separated, creating Mr.H. He has the essence of all the gods, and becomes a bit token in their conflicts because the one that "gets" humanity gets more strength than the others possess. Mr. H is something that shouldn't have happened. Mr. H is the universe screwing with the Gods.

22:04 tundra no caps: Mr. H. should be left undefined.

22:04 DeusMetatron: Why?

22:04 tundra no caps: Mr. H. is narration, Mr. H is feeling, Mr. H is humanity.

22:04 tundra no caps: That's the definition of Mr. H.

22:04 tundra no caps: Mr. H. defies definition.

22:04 DeusMetatron: Mr. H is humanity, yes. It gives Humanity a bit of punch.

22:04 tundra no caps: That may make him too adversarial.

22:04 tundra no caps: I'll come up with a cool background when I write it down.

22:05 DeusMetatron: He isn't adversarial. He is a prize.

22:06 tundra no caps: Hm.

22:06 tundra no caps: But then how is he also history and hysteria?

22:07 tundra no caps: I want him more like a tool and its user, I don't like too much clarity, and Lovecraft agrees with me.

22:07 tundra no caps: Never spell things out.

22:07 DeusMetatron: *snerks*

22:07 tundra no caps: Saying "The Slime seperated into 3 Octopi, and something else"

22:08 DeusMetatron: You have already defined that the something else is Humanity.

22:08 tundra no caps: And later saying Mr. H is Humanity, Hystery, History and .p.," well, once the players see who the four "player characters" are, they should be able to understand.

22:08 tundra no caps: I suggested.

22:09 DeusMetatron: Hystery is not a word.

22:09 tundra no caps: Hysteria, sorry.

22:09 DeusMetatron: Thank you. ^_^ Now then...

22:13 tundra no caps: How do you like these ideas?

22:14 DeusMetatron: I think Mr. H needs work. I disagree with the concept of Slime Ocopi. I think you suck out a bit of life from the proceedings without prior history.

22:15 tundra no caps: I think the players need to set out the background.

22:15 tundra no caps: Turn 0 is by the players and Mr. H.

22:15 tundra no caps: We can tell them how Turn 0 begins, but not what is in it.

22:15 tundra no caps: I think you suck out the life from the /Game/ by dictating turn 0.

22:15 DeusMetatron: And how am I dictating Turn 0?

22:16 tundra no caps: And besides, you don't know what 3 Elder Gods you'll come up with. Or even if you'll have 3 players, and what their goals would be. They could also be FOR.

22:16 DeusMetatron: "Everyone needs to be on Earth, and the Humans arising, by the end of Turn 0. Who are you, why are you here, and where did these monkey's come from?"

22:16 tundra no caps: I dislike the general direction of specifying what Mr. H. is.

22:16 tundra no caps: Hm.

22:17 tundra no caps: Who and what are you won't be the Function questions, but the Form. The 3 Function questions will probably be:

22:17 tundra no caps: 1) What do you want?

22:17 tundra no caps: 2) How will you use Humanity to get your goal?

22:17 tundra no caps: 3) How will you deal with the other Slime Octopi?

22:18 tundra no caps: How's that?

22:19 DeusMetatron: I think 3 is a bit too open. Maybe change it to a question of attitude?

22:19 tundra no caps: I meant that.

22:19 tundra no caps: The question will be constrained by words.

22:20 tundra no caps: When answers are like Aggressively, Feign Cooperation, etc...

22:22 DeusMetatron: *nods* That contrains the meaning, so that would work.




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